The Nerd by Giles K Caperton

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A fantastic talent
- Senior Commissioning Editor, Transworld Books
I don’t think I will forget Colin any time soon
- Commercial Fiction Editor, NewsCorp
He’s a character who just steps out so completely from the page... A very assured first novel and an absolute breath of fresh air
- Editor, HarperCollins
The Nerd
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I read it in pretty much one gulp over the weekend and I loved it – I loved Colin, I loved his vulnerability
- Editorial Director, HarperCollins
A brilliant voice and tone - the humour was fantastic
- Senior Editor, Penguin
A wonderful writer, and Colin is such an easy character to fall for
- Editor, HarperFiction

Colin can't cope with the real world.

So he spends his days hiding behind his computer screen, writing software and trying to minimise contact with other humans. But when a group of hackers pulls off a cryptocurrency heist for which Colin finds himself publicly held responsible, his carefully constructed, safe little life swiftly starts to crumble.

In order to regain what he once had he must come out from behind his monitor to track down the hackers and restore his reputation, on a journey that will cause him to re-evaluate everything he believes about himself.

Available in all formats in 2022.