Rambunctious Books

Rambunctious Books

We are looking for submissions!

Are you a self-published author? If your book is brilliant, we'll pay you to let us share it with our readers!

What is Rambunctious Books?

We are an e-book subscription service. We seek out the very best self-published genre fiction and pass it on to our readers. Our authors make money from their work, and our readers get great books, cheaply and hassle-free.

What genres are you interested in?

At the moment we are only accepting submissions of Crime and Fantasy novels for our Twisted Knife Club and Storymancers imprints respectively.

We are specifically interested in works that have been self-published, or which are complete and ready for publication.

What are you looking for in submissions?

There are three things we look for in all novels:

  1. They have to be, in our opinion, a blooming good read. We have to enjoy them from cover to cover.
  2. They have to be the sort of books that our readers are expecting. In particular, they have to fit comfortably within one of the genres defined above. Genres are always broad categories, and we don't mind a little genre-bending, but books that don't comfortably fit anywhere in the above list, or are too experimental/conceptual, won't make the majority of our readers happy.
  3. They have to be executed to a high standard. That means spelling, grammar, stylistic consistency etc must all be tip-top. Unlike traditional publishers we do not provide editing/sub-editing services, which means that we won't take on a book unless it's already very polished.

What's in it for me?

Our offer is simple. Submit your book to us, and if we like it we will offer you a lump-sum, up-front payment for the right to distribute 100 copies, in e-book format, to our customers. If the feedback from our customers on your book is good, we will offer a larger-scale licensing deal.

We will also share a personal message from you to our readers, which you can use to point them towards other books you have written, or request that they review your books, or anything else (within reason) you like.

Would I still be able to sell my book myself?

Absolutely! We do not impose any kind of exclusivity agreement. So you'd be free to list your book for sale on Amazon, or on your own website, or anywhere else, and charge whatever you like for it.

How do I submit my book to you?

Please send a complete copy of your book to submissions@rambunctiousbooks.com. It would be helpful, but not essential, if you could provide a short synopsis of the work, and in your email do please state explicitly the genre of the book. Feel free to address your enquiries to Patrick. We will endeavour to reply within 6 weeks.